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Lola’s Spanish Cuisines’ founders, Felix and Adriana, grew up in two different parts of the world (Spain and El Salvador).  Both have fond memories of sitting at the table with their families and connecting with each other while enjoying traditional recipes.

Fast forward to several years later, they met and got married and thought about one day sharing their traditional recipes with others, thus bringing them together for a meal. 

Lola’s Spanish Cuisine started when Felix and Adriana moved to the U.S. and began to search for a way to make their dream of sharing their traditional recipes a reality.  They made the tough decision of choosing one of their loved cuisines (Spanish) and embarked on their journey.

After their success selling at local farmer’s markets and community events throughout the Bay Area, they wanted to be able to reach people in their own homes to provide them with food items that could be served as tapas. They decided to package some of their Spanish food staples: Tortilla Española (an omelette made with eggs and potatoes, optionally it can include onions and its often served at room temperature); Croquettes (a breaded and fried roll stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken or spinach, bound with a béchamel sauce); and Ali-Oli (a sauce made with mayonnaise, olive oil, garlic and parsley).

It is important for Felix and Adriana to offer good quality foods, and to accomplish that goal, they make weekly small batches following their family recipes using quality ingredients and a simple cooking process, just like the one used in Spain. 

You can find Lola’s Spanish Cuisine’s food items at specialty food grocery stores in the Bay Area and LA, you can visit them at some of the local farmer’s markets where you can also enjoy their delicious Paella.


Felix and Adriana

Creators of recipes for Lola’s Spanish Cuisine




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